27th Annual SEAANZ Conference Keynote Presentations

Digitise to survive, automate to compete and innovate to win

Claire Phelan, Innovation Manager - BPS Canon Business Services

Claire Phelan is the Innovation Manager at Canon Australia. Her role there is to leverage the experience and expertise within the company to help customers think and act differently to get superior results. Her passion is innovation and the need to create change using energy and focus around new ways of doing things. She has many years' experience working within technology companies in a marketing and commercialisation role. Engaging customers and having a competitive edge are essential to business success. So what happens when you can’t communicate with customers how they want and worse still, your competitors can? Research undertaken by Canon suggests that digitisation is important in the workplace and that accessing the right information at the right time in the best way can produce cost savings, speedier adaption to customer needs and the ability to always be in control of how a business is engaging and retaining clients. In addition, whilst digitisation and automation helps firms gather, manage and use information for success now, innovation can work for a business to create new opportunities and make intelligent investments for the longer term. Download presentation>>>



SME Manufacturing in a digital economy

Dr Swee L. Mak, Future Manufacturing Flagship CSIRO

Dr Swee Mak is leading the CSIRO's development of cleaner advanced materials and manufacturing technologies to help Australia's future industries grow and prosper. Prior to joining the Future Manufacturing Flagship, he was Deputy Chief Industry, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering where he managed a large, diverse materials and manufacturing R&D portfolio. He has extensive experience in innovation management, commercialisation and the transfer of technology. Dr Mak has authored over 50 scientific and technical papers and provided expert advice and R&D services to over 30 companies within Australia and internationally. His research has focused on the future outlook for Australia’s manufacturing sector in the face of increasing globalisation and the withdrawal of the Australian car manufacturers. The role of SMEs within the manufacturing sector and the opportunity for survival and growth through innovation were also examined. Download presentation>>>

The New Zealand SME Research Hub

Professor Delwyn Clark, University of Waikato and Patti Poole, MBIE New Zealand

Delwyn Clark is Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean Research at the Faculty of Management, University of Waikato, New Zealand. She is also a Director of SEAANZ Ltd. Patti Poole is Senior Advisor SMEs within the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). SEAANZ, working with MBIE and New Zealand Treasury have launched an exciting initiative known as the “SME Research Hub”. This innovative project seeks to draw together academics and policy makers around an online portal for SME related research, knowledge exchange and data sharing. The New Zealand SME Data Hub draws together important information on small business research from government, industry and academic communities into one place via an online web portal. It also classifies the data into useful categories and show cases the academic researchers within New Zealand that are specialising in SME studies. The SME Data Hub was officially launched by the New Zealand Minister for Small Business Steven Joyce on 18 June 2014. Download presentation>>> 


Using the ABS small business and innovation statistics databases

David Taylor and Liza Tiy, Australian Bureau of Statistics

David Taylor graduated from the University of Kent in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. After completing a Master degree in Statistics and Operational Research at the University of Essex, David joined the Civil Aviation Authority as a Forecast Analyst. In 2000, David emigrated from the UK to Australia and joined the Australian Bureau of Statistics where he has gained vast experience in the fields of Labour, Innovation and Technology statistics. David currently is currently an Assistant Director in the Innovation and Technology Statistics Branch and is responsible for the analytical program in these subjects.Liza Tiy completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics (2004) and a Master of Criminology (2005) from the University of Sydney. In 2005 Liza joined the Australian Bureau of Statistics and has worked in a number of areas with the majority of her time in recent years spent in the Innovation and Technology Statistics. Liza has considerable knowledge of Innovation and Technology statistics and has authored research papers including an investigation into the relationship between ICT use by businesses and innovation activity. Liza currently has responsibility for producing the Business Longitudinal Database Confidentialised Unit Record File. The ABS produce, disseminate and explain trusted and useful statistics to assist understanding of how ICT and Innovation drive and impact on economic growth, productivity and well-being. A vast amount of Innovation and Technology data is available free to charge on the ABS website.Information Communication Technology (ICT) is an enabler of innovation and contributes to productivity growth. Innovation is a driver of economic growth and improves productivity. Download presentation>>> 

Financing small business growth

Professor Alex Frino, Macquarie Graduate School of Business

Professor Frino is the Dean and Professor of Finance at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management and founder of the Capital Markets CRC. His research specialisation is security market microstructure and he has published almost one hundred articles in scholarly journals including the Journal of Finance, Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Portfolio Management and Journal of Futures Markets. He has attracted over $5 million in Australian Research Council funding and leads a successful Cooperative Research Centre funding bid valued at over $100 million. He has held visiting positions with Credit Suisse First Boston, Sydney Futures Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange and Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the USA. He has also held visiting professorial and research positions at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, Cambridge University, England, Universita' Federico II, Italy and Georgetown University, USA.  He currently serves on the editorial boards of the Pacific Basin Finance Journal and Review of Futures Markets. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Financial Management Association of Australia Limited (FMAA), Asian Finance Association and Wollongong Anglican Residential College Limited. He also serves on the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Australian Securities Exchange. Download presentation>>>

The Village at NAB: enhancing SME success through collaboration, support and new ways of engagement

Janett Egber, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, National Australia Bank

Janett Egber has more than 15 years professional experience in strategic marketing, customer insights, analytics, segmentation and business development. Over the past decade she has held senior managerial positions within two of Australia's leading banks, the National Australia Bank (NAB) and the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) bank. She currently manages national relationships across industry groups and strategic partnerships for the NAB's Small Business Division. Prior to joining the financial services sector Janett worked for two leading market research agencies in Australia, TNS and Roy Morgan Research. Her real passion lies in supporting and making a contribution to the small business community. Her presentation will focus on a commercial case study of the innovative program established by NAB known as "The Village". Earlier this year NAB launched “The Village” a co-working space at 700 Bourke Street in Melbourne. The Village is a tangible proof point of supporting customers and the community as well as providing a completely new way of engagement. As technology enables small business people to be increasingly mobile, there still is a need for them to connect with other like-minded individuals, to improve productivity, to network and collaborate with others for potential mutual benefits. The Village provides a real solution for these needs. Co-working spaces are not new, but co-locating with a large corporation presents unique opportunities. Early results show that Village members are likely to be more diverse than other co-working spaces. Download presentation>>>


Outlook for the SME sector: the "Voice of Australian Business"

Mark Chapman and Kevin Cranfield Benley's Australia

Mark Chapman is the Executive Officer of Bentleys Australia and works out of the head office which is collocated with the Bentleys Queensland office in Brisbane. The role of executive officer reports to the National Management Board and is responsible for the strategic direction and the day to day operational and administrative management of the affiliation of Bentley’s offices. Mark joined Bentleys in 2013; immediately prior to this he was the APAC Consultant for Salamanca, a British-based Merchant Bank and Corporate Risk Management Group, where his primary responsibility was to establish an Australian presence for the Group and to facilitate a role for Salamanca at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Other key roles have included working as CEO and general manager of two law firms. Alongside Mark's wide business background, he has worked for 21 years as an army officer. Mark has served in diverse locations such as The Falklands, Northern Ireland and the first Gulf War, where Mark was appointed MBE for his role as military assistant to Britain’s senior general. He was also an instructor at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and has conducted exchanges with the Spanish, Italian and Australian armies. Having served in Australia, he decided to change his uniform for a business suit and after completing a Master’s in Business at the University of Newcastle, he joined the corporate environment of professional services.

Kevin Cranfield is managing director of the Sydney practice and is one of the firm’s four founding directors; he leads his business advisory services team and is also involved as a second director of the audit and assurance practice. Kevin is also the Sydney member on the Bentleys Australia Board.  With over 25 years in the profession, Kevin has acted as professional advisor to a diverse range of high-net-worth individuals and businesses in the small to medium enterprises (SME) market, including those in agribusiness and primary production, manufacturing, property development, and IT and communications. Kevin advises a range of businesses including insurance brokers, car dealerships, and not-for-profit organisations. Kevin takes a hands-on approach to working with his clients and has become an integral part of many of their businesses, working closely with them as their trusted advisor. Kevin provides his clients with strategic and commercial advice on all aspects of taxation, accounting, and advisory services. He has assisted clients with business performance reviews, mergers and acquisitions, business sales, planning and restructuring advice, and outsourced CFO services. Download presentation>>>


Regulators' involvement with small business

Dr Warren Mundy, Australian Productivity Commission

Dr Mundy has over two decades of experience in the infrastructure sector covering financing, management, planning and development, economic and environmental regulation and commercial negotiation of access agreements. For a number of years he was the principal regulatory and economic adviser to the Australian Council for Infrastructure Development. He has held senior executive roles in the airports industry in both Australia and Europe and has worked for McKinsey & Co. the Reserve Bank and the WA Treasury Corporation. Since his initial appointment as an Associate Commissioner in 2009 and permanent Commissioner in 2010, he has worked on a range of studies and inquiries including being the Presiding Commissioner on the Commission’s studies into Local Government as a Regulator and Regulator Engagement with Small Business and the Commission’s inquiry into Access to Civil Justice. Dr Mundy is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society of London and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He was recently appointed to the board of the Sydney Desalination Plant – a $2 billion small business. In 2013 he was the Presiding Commissioner for a major report into the regulators engagement with small business. Download presentation>>>

SME productivity in the New Zealand economy

Paul Conway, New Zealand Productivity Commission

Paul is an economist with extensive international experience working with the OECD and the World Bank, as well as Westpac and the Reserve Bank in New Zealand. His recent work has resulted in numerous published studies relating to product market regulation, competition and productivity in New Zealand, China, Russia and India, as well as broader OECD-wide analysis. Paul has authored several recent reports into productivity in New Zealand. In 2013 he co-authored a research paper "Productive by the numbers: the New Zealand experience". This report provided an assessment of productivity in New Zealand. The study found that New Zealand has generally poor productivity performance, at both the economy and industry levels. This highlights the need for government policy to focus on productivity enhancements and for business to take action to improve productivity. Paul has a Master of Commerce and Administration (Economics), First Class, from Victoria University and a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from Otago University. Download presentation>>>

Staying agile: the importance of identifying organisational trends, opportunities and risks in real-time

Jason Buchanan, GM Insights and Innovation, Optimum Consulting Group

Jason Buchanan is in charge of an innovative project that helps organisations attract, engage, retain and develop a more productive workforce. The project targets employee engagement and high-performance teams using digital technology. It draws together lessons from almost 20 years of cross-industry experience accumulated by Jason in business development and recruitment. Prior to joining Optimum, Jason was Managing Director Asia Pacific for a large multi-national research organisation where he was responsible for guiding the business through a significant period of change and growth. Jason has founded an internet start-up company based in the UK, and spearheaded the firm's growth into the Asia-Pacific region. The focus of Jason's work is on "Staying Agile" and the importance of identifying organisational trends, opportunities and risks in real time through the use of digital technologies. He can demonstrate the new technology being developed by Optimum and share his personal insights into how businesses can improve their agility and foster a culture of innovation. Download presentation>>>

A structured approach to innovation: Opportunity capture and systematic thinking

Roger La Salle, La Salle Matrix Thinking

Roger La Salle is a challenging, dynamic and sought after speaker and facilitator who brings with him a lifetime of experience and successful business creation. A professional engineer, successful business entrepreneur and an international expert of business innovation, Roger’s highly acclaimed Matrix Thinking has been adopted by many Australian and international organisations to inspire new break through business opportunities. Roger does not just talk about innovation, business building and opportunity as a concept or theory; he has been doing this all his working life. He speaks with authority from real life experience. Matrix Thinking is essentially the distillation of a lifetime of work, and since it was first introduced in1999 has shown rapid growth and adoption in many businesses worldwide. Roger is the author of several books on innovation and has licensed his work to Deloitte for corporate education programs. In this presentation he will outline a new structured approach to innovation as developed for this Deloitte program: "opportunity capture and systematic thinking - a structured approach to innovation".

Navigating the digital marketplace for human talent

Asim Brown, Head of Sales and Marketing, NVoi

Today, more professionals are seeking flexibility and mobility through temporary working arrangements that will help them learn new skills, gain new expertise, develop new capabilities, grow professional networks, and build out career portfolios. By the year 2020, it’s expected that as many as half of Australia’s total workforce will be employed on a contingent basis. The demand for temporary and contract workers is also catching up with supply, and with good reason: the contingent workforce is providing companies with the fuel to drive serious competitive advantage, including agility and access to best-in-class talent. Companies are already spending about $300 billion dollars each year on such contingent labour, globally. Nvoi is an Australian online marketplace that has been developed to streamline contract and temporary work, from beginning to end. The only end-to-end solution for temporary workforce management, Nvoi helps both workers and companies maximise their potential in the new world of work. Asim Brown is Head of Sales and Marketing at NVoi. He has a passion for technology and has worked for companies such as Dimension Data, Optus and eBay, placing him at the leading edge of online business. His work with NVoi helps clients find the international talent they require via online, intelligent digital platforms. Download presentation>>>

Chinese social media opportunities for Australian SMEs

William Chen, CEO ChinaKey

William Chen, the founder of ChinaKey. William Chen is a social media expert, recognised as one of the Top 10 social influencers under 30 in Australia. ChinaKey, William’s company, helps businesses access the Chinese market. William has extensive experience speaking on the topic of social media in China, including a recent presentation at the China Digital Conference in Sydney and Melbourne in November 2013 on the topic of “Unlocking the Chinese Market in Australia”.