SEAANZ is a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee, registered under the the Australian Corporations Act 2001.

Trading Name: Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand Ltd.

ACN: 168-029-481

Download: SEAANZ Constitution  /  Certificate of Registration



The SEAANZ Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss the ongoing management of the Association. All members can access the minutes of these meetings and can either submit issues for discussion to the Board for consideration, or attend these meetings. Meetings typically take place via Skype call or at the annual SEAANZ conferences.

SEAANZ Members

The members of SEAANZ can be individuals, organisations or institutions. Individual members are full-time or part-time teachers or students with an interest in small enterprise; consultants to small firms, employees of organisations with a significant involvement in small enterprise research, education, policy and practice, and small business operators.

Organisational (Corporate) members are those enterprises that have a substantial interest in the advancement of small enterprise. As such they can be drawn from a wide variety of industries and across government, non-profit and for-profit sectors. Institutional members are those organisations that have a substantial interest in the advancement of small enterprise and are keen to form strong working alliances with SEAANZ.

SEAANZ also recognises student members, life members and honorary members. Student membership is available to students enrolled in full time courses or programs with an interest in small enterprise. Student members are not eligible for election as officers of SEAANZ. Life memberships are awarded to individuals who have rendered meritorious service in advancing the objects of SEAANZ. Persons recognised as life members are not required to pay for annual membership. 

Honorary membership is offered to distinguished visitors to Australia or New Zealand who it is deemed have offered meritorious service to the advancement of scholarship in small enterprise and related disciplines. Such membership is conferred for periods of one year and honorary members are not eligible to serve as officers of SEAANZ or members of the Board, and have no voting rights.

SEAANZ Secretariat Office

The SEAANZ Secretariat is located at:

Marion Macnish
SEAANZ Secretariat
PO Box 641
Phone: +61 0481 060 917