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Coal Seam Gas and the future of manufacturing in Australia

One of the issues likely to create headaches for the federal government in their first term is the thorny issue of coal seam gas (CSG) development in east coast Australia. Australians were now paying the world’s highest prices for gas despite having such a large natural supply. 

Let’s stop wasting peoples’ time: Entrepreneurship as a new form of management

The field of entrepreneurship has certainly evolved over the past 30 years, but it remains a work in progress and far too much misunderstanding and misguided hype exists around the issue of what it is and what it might offer the world.

The value of management research to managers

Rather than chasing citations from other academics and the approval of anonymous peer reviewers, Pearce and Huang propose that business schools should focus more on serving the needs of their fee-paying students and the practising managers. 

Entrepreneurship as an academic pursuit – what does it deliver to the end user?

Entrepreneurship has been one of the fastest growing fields of academic research and education over the past twenty years. Yet what is the state of play within the field of entrepreneurship as an academic discipline and how useful is it to the real world of entrepreneurs and small businesses?

Small business cash flow management: taking a systems approach

This is the fourth in a series of articles on cash flow management in small firms that I have prepared for this column, drawing upon academic research papers published in the past five years. In this article we look at cash flow management within small owner-managed businesses from a systems perspective. I have selected two papers that address the process of financial management in small firms with reference to Australian and British companies and different accounting or performance measurement systems.

Learning how to manage cash flow in small firms: closed or open loop learning

In this third article on cash flow management within small firms I take a look at the role of learning within the small firm as owner-managers and their teams confront the reality of maintaining sufficient liquidity in the business. In preparing this series I have selected research papers published within the academic literature in the past five years.

Cash flow management within the small firm: the key role of the owner-manager

In this second article on cash flow management within small firms I take a look at the critical role of the owner-manager. For this series I have selected research papers published within the academic literature in the past five years.

Managing cash flow in the small firm: what does the academic literature tell us?

Despite its importance the number of academic papers published on the subject of cash flow management within small business, has been relatively limited over the past five years. However, several papers were found that offer some potentially useful findings. In this article I will overview three of these research studies and will follow up with further articles on this topic in the future.

Industrial relations and the award-reliant small business

The complexity of Australia’s industrial relations system is a challenge to a lot of small businesses, but many owner-managers find it useful to have a well-defined industrial award when setting wages and conditions for their employees.

Don’t wing it by buying a business without research

Are you thinking of buying a business? When the former owner says it’s viable, don’t just take their word for it. Do your own research!

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